June 12th, 2015

Berthold Run

A reason not to post!

I felt a great disturbance in The Force a hiccup in my tablet, which for some reason will load everything I've tested so far except my LJ. Obviously the site is working, and I could reach it through the tablet last night, so I'm not sure what's changed. Cache-clearing and resetting haven't solved this yet.

I usually load LJ through Safari on the tablet, as I found the LJ app to be uncooperative and a little clunky, but I might reload that app in case this persists. Meanwhile, thanks, library computer. And hi, I'm not ignoring y'all.

Aaaaaaaand now it works!

Chris Walsh, reporting LIVE from his iPad, which is behaving again as it should and letting me, I mean him (third-person is hard), post to LiveJournal with no trouble. For now. May this be a hiccup and not an ongoing problem.
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iAm iSaid

Up and down and up: the "LJ on June 12th" story

It wasn't just me... LiveJournal's been up-and-down today, and it was pure luck/timing that it was down when I first tried getting on this morning but up by the time I reached the library. Once I was home, yup, down again, but it's been up for at least the last half-hour.

I missed LJ while it was gone. Also, I still don't like the app version of it, so reaching it via Safari is still my default.