June 18th, 2015

Summer Me

"Serenity" in a ballroom, serenity in a house: my weekend, Part II (of two!)

On Saturday and Sunday, I had sort of a vacation home.

Since 1994, my parents have lived in Dundee, about 30 miles southwest of Portland on the way to the central Oregon Coast. They'd first intended it as a stopgap house, because they'd planned to build a house in the hills overlooking Lincoln City and the Pacific, but as they lived there longer they decided hey, this is a pretty nice spot in its own right, and stayed, selling the Coast Range property years ago.

Yes, their home in Dundee is a good home.

They were on a road trip the last week (home now -- you missed your chance, thieves!) and let me know I could go out there. I'd considered going out there early this week, but decided going for part of the weekend was a better idea: I might want to be at home or closer to home during the week for potential work reasons.

Going during the weekend was a good idea. Changes of scenery and all that. I got to see three deer at the house; I'd be really surprised if I saw deer outside of the house I live in here in Portland.

It was deliberately non-exciting at the house. I read, I ate, I didn't go online, I got some sun, I watched some soccer, I tried watching a NASCAR race but I kept catching the Michigan race during rain delays. And I rested well.

Sunday I a) headed home and b) let other people feed me: breakfast at McDonald's, because the Newberg Shari's where I'd planned to have a basic diner meal was closed for remodeling, then snacks at Burgerville before heading back into Portland, and -- after various wrong turns and re-routes due to me not being used to certain roads and also due to traffic I tried (not always successfully) to avoid -- the soft opening for the brick-and-mortar location of Big-Ass Sandwiches. I knew there was a chance they'd be open Sunday afternoon, so I timed my return to Portland to be there if they did. They did. *smiles*

I got to see Lisa Wood tear down the paper on the windows and door and turn on the OPEN sign. I saw Brian and other kitchen employees figuring out how they'd get by with one fryer when a second fryer broke. I saw a line of customers, all happy customers. I saw, I mean ate, their mac and cheese. I saw a guy show up with a Portland Timbers commemorative poster: more decor! The soft opening went surprisingly smoothly; they opened for good two days later, last Tuesday. (I visited and ate on Tuesday, too, and had beer that time, as I wasn't driving.)

It was a good weekend. I hope you all can say the same.
Whale fluke

Wednesday walk (lots of photos)

Among Portland's many good features: good places to walk. Which I did for a few miles yesterday, into and out of Forest Park. I started at Lower Macleay Park, with the goal of "let's get at least to the Stone House, and see where to go from there." After that? Another miles or so up a steeper but still manageable climb to the Pittock Mansion, built by the founder of The Oregonian. That was my first time up there. And it was in an utterly gorgeous day. I also apparently didn't get burned worse than I already am! WIN.

Here are photos (behind a cut).
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