June 20th, 2015

TOS: NCC-1701

The Beached Orca

Oh joy, oh rapture: I was able to fall back asleep.

This is rare for me, so I'll celebrate with a blog entry. Yes I will.

When I woke up this morning, I initially didn't feel that great -- I had what felt like an incipient sore throat -- so I wanted more rest. And also, while asleep, I'd dreamed a disquieting dream that had made me kind of sad: I overlooked a stormy beach, deserted except for one orca, beached and trying to get itself off the beach. While this happens with several other whale and dolphin species, orcas getting beached and stuck is actually very rare; orcas are more likely to beach themselves only briefly as they hunt seals, then slip back into the water and be fine. This orca wasn't, and at moments in the dream I watched it struggle. Luckily, it did finally get back into the water, but it had needed a lot of effort to do so.

(Also for some reason, Dream-Me knew that there was some sort of link between this stranded whale and Elvis, but Awake-Me could not for the life of me tell you what that link was. It's just noted for posterity.)

So I woke up with that dream imagery in my head. When I did, rarely, happily, go back to sleep, I had a much lighter dream, lying in bed completely platonically with Billy Martin (docbrite) as we compared leg hair. We were both clothed and in shorts, so this was easy. (Don't worry, Grey, I'm not stealing him from you!) Somehow, the dream was lighter even though it included an angry cat biting me. Maybe because the cat wasn't, you know, struggling for its life...

Anyway. I'm up now, and feeling better, physically and mentally.