July 21st, 2015

Whale fluke

THAT was a quick adjustment.

It's called the throat: the dip in a sidewalk that brings it level with the street, whether at a driveway or at an intersection. Makes it easier/less jarring to get on and off driveways and sidewalks, plus it directs traffic.

I just learned, quickly, how Not To Use Them: Don't stand in them. Apparently this was a lesson I needed to learn.

One of the errands I've done for the last couple of weeks in my current job is bring Energy Saver Kit boxes to a post office in downtown. I go to that post office each day anyway, to get applications from my office's PO box, but these kits were returned to us due to incorrect addresses that we've since corrected. Sometimes there are a lot of these. Sometimes I need a cart.

And navigating that cart through six blocks of morning Portland traffic makes me go This is awkward and kind of tough. And I'm not even pushing a stroller or using a wheelchair. And this is not even New York or Chicago or San Francisco, with so much more foot traffic. It's tougher for others.

Make it less tough.

Result: more often I'm standing to the side of the throat while I wait to cross a road, in case someone who needs that throat more than me shows up.

I'm getting better at this life stuff, I swear.
Berthold Run

My mind could get me into trouble

A personal truth I learned years ago: when I get annoyed, I get weirder.

I've told you about my pet peeve of people bicycling on sidewalks, especially where you actually can get ticketed for it like in downtown Portland. (Not that that's enforced, but it's on the books. Plus I have a feeling that if I biked on those sidewalks, I'd be the one who got cited. Meh.) But I can't tell every, single, bicyclist I run into (not literally. I hope not literally) that it's bad manners at best and dangerous at worst to bike on sidewalks. That does not go well. I know from experience. So instead I stew.

Or, stuff like this goes down: I see someone bicycling through a narrow spot of sidewalk in Pioneer Courthouse Square this afternoon, and imagine myself excitedly running after him yelling "HUGS! HUGS!"

When I get annoyed, I get weirder.