October 25th, 2015

Star Wars - Fly away...

Traveling with an upset stomach: NEVER FUN (but I made it to Eugene! And back!)

Thanks for sort of cooperating, body...

Or maybe I just powered through and made my weekend trip work because I needed it to work. Thing is, as I was spending my Saturday evening at my parents' house in Dundee, I was coming down with what felt like food poisoning, and the night that followed -- a little grim. Very little sleep, whether in the bed or in a recliner and wrapped up in a sheet. Maybe a few accumulated hours' worth of sleep, but not nearly what I'd hoped to get. So a slower start in the morning, with a bare minimum of food because eating didn't sound good, along with Pepto Bismal doses and a fair amount of bathroom time...

But I still made my Sunday plans work: I borrowed Mom's car and drove to Eugene, delivering a bunch of books to Alicia and having a nice visit with her. I'd warned her earlier this morning that I wasn't 100% sure I'd make it, and said we'd forgo our usual film together when we visit because I wanted the trip to be quick. And it was: about four hours in town, and that included a trip to a Café Yumm for a light lunch (light for me, at least; she had a thickly-made vegan burger), and nearly an hour where I napped on her couch while she read a volume of Axe Cop I'd given to her.

I FELT BETTER BY THEN. Victory! Sort of. I made it back to Dundee, and didn't have to use one of my backup plans if I'd still felt lousy (if I had, I'd've called in sick to work and spend Sunday night/at least Monday morning still in Dundee), but instead got home.

By my standards, this was whirlwind.
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