October 30th, 2015

Admiral Ackbar

Suffer for your art: ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED

With today Honorary Halloween and all, co-workers brought their kids to the office, dressed up and looking for candy. I wasn't in a costume; I'm generally unlikely to dress up, and if I'd had any energy to find a last-minute costume, I think my being ill last weekend used it. So, no costume. But still with an itch to do something, something different for a day you're encouraged to be different...

I saw that one kid was dressed as a ninja. Good costume, too; committed. PAY OFF THAT COMMITMENT, I must've been thinking...

...because when I was walking a few minutes later, the kid was coming back and headed towards me. And I cried "Ninja!" and leapt for my life to my right.

And took a header into a chair I didn't expect to be in that aisle.

"I'm OK!" I said, turning over and raising my hand. Worst damage was (is) a cut on the bridge of my nose -- my glasses stayed intact! -- and I hope that's all. Like, please don't have that kid be scarred for life by watching me hurl myself. Please let him just be amused instead.

And I know people who know how to do stage combat, so they KNOW how to fall. Pick their brains, why don't I?!