Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

"He has a powerful weapon, he charges a million a shot, an assassin second to none...

...the Man with the Golden Gun!"

Oh, I've been wanting to quote that...

And I have an excuse: Film Score Monthly today hosts the second part of Scott Bettencourt's review of the James Bond films and scores, from Live and Let Die (1973) to License to Kill (1989).

I particularly like this description:
[The Spy Who Loved Me] has long been one of my least favorite Bond films -- I much prefer the maligned Moore Bonds like Golden Gun and View to a Kill. One of the few pans I read of the film -- possibly in Cinefantastique -- described Spy as seeming like as a Bond film made by people who'd never actually seen a Bond film but had one described to them by a very excited moviegoer.
Some nice behind-the-scenes tidbits in this article, too.
Tags: music

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