Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

You know a little more now

Facts about me that may surprise you:

• I have yet to have a hangover. (Always hydrate! Your body'll thank you.) Drunk or buzzed, yes, but never, so far, hung over. *knocks on wood*

• In the early 90s, I listened regularly to G. Gordon Liddy's radio show. He was on middays on D.C.-area station WJFK 106.7, after Howard Stern and before Don & Mike (sometime after Liddy joined the station, Doug "The Greaseman" Tracht started a night show there, but I never listened to him). I disagree with Liddy on a fundamental, almost molecular level, but I honestly found it to be an interesting show. (He'd do a roundup of stories from a bunch of newspapers and always introduce the Washington Post as "Washington's alternative paper..." GEE, I WONDER WHY LIDDY DOESN'T LIKE THEM.)

• I listened to more talk radio in the early-to-mid-90s than I do now. Now, I listen to almost none. A lot of radio talk now rubs me the wrong way, even if it's by people I may agree with.

• I subscribed for years to Reader's Digest and Aviation Week and Space Technology. I definitely no longer agree ideologically with RD, which I eventually realized was cranky and slanted (also, even in 1987 I got why the Good Morning, Vietnam line "Reader's Digest is considering publishing two of my jokes" is funny); and I was unlikely ever to do tech or military work like what Aviation Week covered, but I got into flight and space tech in the 80s and it was a fascinating way to know more.

• I'm a veteran soap opera watcher. Some Guiding Light in the mid-80s, mainly during summer; some All My Children in the early 90s, as I wrapped up high school. It strikes me how much of what I watch now is either full-on soap opera or influenced by soap operas, so yeah, when I refer to soap operas, I'm not mocking. Star Wars, which I love, is a soap; George Lucas said so.

• I've had acting training, back as a kid, specifically in Camarillo, California circa 1981. I had enough training to realize I am not an actor.

• I once got a date partly because of how loudly I'd laughed in a movie theater. Someone I would soon get set up with was in the same Hermiston, Oregon screening room as me while I very much enjoyed the 2000 film Erin Brockovich, so she knew who I was when someone later suggested me to her. Oh, yeah, I know who he is! she said (paraphrased). That didn't go far, but hey, a date. To be fair, I was a semi-public figure, as both a reporter and a film reviewer.

• It's still a little weird to me, to look back and realize I was a public figure. Obviously I was never a celebrity, but plenty of people in a certain area knew me.

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