January 3rd, 2016

Me 2 (B&W)

'Sup, snow

Huh. Didn't expect snow at all, let alone waking up to it, but we have a bit. (Portland weather patterns are complicated enough that we get less snow than you'd think for being in the mountains in the north -- the ranges to the east and west shelter the valley from most full-blast storms. We don't get bone-dry the way Northern Virginia, where I used to live, does in the winter, so the moisture is there, just often not in the right conditions for snow. Or ice. Oy, I remember our very occasional ice storms.)

Anyway, light snow. I watched it lackadaisically swirling this morning, before the wind picked up, and thought "Snow like this is like rain that's trying to hug you." It was being gentle, in other words. (It'd be a cold hug, I know, but I never said snow would be good at hugging. Anyway, again.)

Because it amused me to do so, I broke out my big coat, the red one. How big? When I got it in 1992, I used it as a sleeping bag. Long and padded, is what it is. I walked a decent, not huge, number of blocks in the snow, as the wind picked up -- we've had strong winds the last few days. In between walks I drank coffee and ate snacks at the neighborhood coffee shop, watching people in a good mood and reading The Complete Western Stories of Elmore Leonard. And being glad I'd finished errands yesterday, so I could stay at, or close to, home today.

Things here are calm.