February 6th, 2016


Simple needs, met

Small goal achieved today: while walking on this comfortably overcast day, I decided I wanted to go to a café. Obviously there are plenty of those, and plenty that fit the specific part of my small goal: a café I'd been to before, just not regularly.

Bipartisan Café in Montavilla is what fit. I've never lived anywhere near it – though circa 2012 when I first toyed with moving from the Brooklyn neighborhood, I considered Montavilla a good option – but it's not too far a trip from where I did move to.

Yes, I was a cliché café visitor: coffee, snacks (a vegan chocolate chip-oatmeal cookie, then split pea soup), and writing in a notebook. No beret, though. I don't own one. I'd likely look...wrong in one.

I'll share one Me-Moment from there: the barista asked if I wanted cornbread or something else with my soup. I started to say "cornbread," but stumbled over my tongue and mispronounced it "corn-bled." Then I added "'Corn bled.' Sounds like something from a horror film."