February 23rd, 2016

Summer Me


...and sometimes people will answer "Yes!"

I recently asked Funemployment Radio's Greg Nibler and Sarah X. Dylan if I could sit in on a recording of their daily podcast, something I have time to do at the moment, and they were nice enough to let me visit. Here's the episode I got to listen to, headphones on so I could hear the clips and music they'd added to the show. Well-oiled machine, that; Greg and Sarah have been doing this for years, for both terrestrial radio and podcasts. And fitting my sense of humor, too. I wasn't on mic, but I made sure to stay quiet; thank goodness if need be I can laugh almost silently.

Here's a quick, blurry selfie, taken after they'd wrapped up the show:

I also dropped off comic book collections for them to borrow. I hope they like them.

I lunched afterwards, treating myself to sausage-pepperoni-spinach-and-onion pizza at Pyro Pizza (wood stove-cooked 8-inch personal pizzas, at the Cartopia pod at SE 12th and Hawthorne) then a Thai iced coffee at Thai Spoon a couple of blocks away. Then home, for a grocery run.

Kathleen O'Shea David (puppetmaker40) likes to end her blog entries by mentioning something she's grateful for, and I'll emulate that: I'm grateful I had a chance to listen in on this fun show in person.