March 8th, 2016


"Touch," by Christopher Walsh

by Christopher Walsh, 3/7/2016

There's a chance of pleasure.
There's a place for feeling.
Feeling beyond simple sensing, past sensation —
It waits for that.
It hopes for that.
The nerves are bunched — you know this — maybe you imagine them keeping each other company,
Being there,
being potential,
for huge, flowing, all-encompassing, joyful HEAT.

Nerves don't reach out for each other.
Nerves don't hug.
Nerves are there for when you reach out to another
For when you hug
For when you kiss and mash and grope and envelope someone who wants, also, to kiss and mash and grope and envelope you.
There's a chance of pleasures
— mutual, shared, enhanced —
when you reach another's nerve endings.

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Blow My Mind

I've been bolder.

I'm a little annoyed with myself.

I simply haven't done enough interesting stuff during my time off.

A few interesting things, yes — sitting in on a podcast, visiting park areas I don't normally get to — but since I could count "going to the Hillsboro Sonic" as one current definition of "interesting," it's clear things could be more interesting.

Like in January 2004. I got downsized out of a job, then as a way to combat feeling bad about the lost job, I traveled — first a road trip to Eugene, then a flight to Virginia to visit family and friends. (If I remember correctly, I drove straight from Eugene to Portland International Airport to buy my ticket in person. That's about as impulsive as I get. (No, the flight wasn't right then. It was a March trip so I could be with my nephews as they turned 2.))

Or in 2008: not only did I quit a job due to job circumstances (check my long last comment on that entry to learn what those circumstances were), I deliberately took three months off, telling myself Do, Something, Special. And I did: going to Massachusetts and New York State, to visit friends and attend a convention that, huh, I had time to attend! And got to see Boston again (I like Boston), and Upstate New York and Burlington, VT for the first time. Good times, good people, good stuff, because I took advantage of time off.

I haven't taken enough advantage of this time off.

Let's see if I can correct that. And, of course, get a new job, because plenty of interesting things don't pay for themselves.