March 19th, 2016

Clay. Bill...Clay.

My first political post of 2016!

In another timeline, James Cameron sued Donald Trump into oblivion by proving in court that Trump stole the line "You're fired" from True Lies.


"See? It's right there! And Mr. Trump's hand gesture is clearly modeled after the missile launch..."

Of course, in that timeline, copyright law and fair use law are MUCH different, but of course in that timeline, I'm also married to Rosario Dawson, so I call that a win.
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    Brad Fiedel's score to "True Lies" (the national anthem in that timeline)
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Get stuff done, even if it's slow

I've had an annoying paperwork issue hanging over me. Tax-related paperwork. Didn't want to do it (🎤 I didn't want to do it 🎤), but I finally forced myself to do what was needed: trip to the library last night to print off one last form, sitting down and filling things out today, trip to the library again today to make copies of what I'd filled out, and stuffing the original forms in an envelope that I then dropped off at the nearest post office to me.

Me being me, I celebrated filling those out by eating cookies (lemon-flavored Oreos).

I haven't gotten much done lately, partly because I was avoiding certain things that need(ed) to be done. "Forced myself" is the right term here, and it took a bit to do because I'm often slow; I admit that. There's a twinge of satisfaction to getting this done — plus it got me out (driving last night, because I got groceries afterward, and walking/bussing today) — that I'll get to feel again when I get other stuff done.

And at least I've also gotten this story done. Different kind of satisfaction! (I'd started that a few weeks ago after an exchange on Facebook.)