April 9th, 2016

Star Wars - Fly away...


I remain the sort who will visit an airport just to hang out.

That was my exciting (spoiler! It was not exciting) Friday evening: riding a bus then the MAX to Portland International Airport, watching planes launch and land, reading and enjoying the fantasy western Silver on the Road by Laura Anne Gilman (suricattus), and just watching the bustle of humanity as it came and went. PDX is a user-friendly, visitor-friendly airport, and even though I haven't flown in or out of there since 2010, I like knowing it's there.

I've been airport-visiting as long as I've been able to drive. I used to drive to Washington Dulles International Airport when I lived in Northern Virginia, just to hang out in that terminal. And also go out on the observation deck, pre-9/11 when you could do that. Dulles still doesn't have rail access (that's coming, though), but Washington National does, so sometimes back then I'd ride the subway to that airport too. (And no, I don't want to call it Reagan National.) I now find it a little weird if I don't go to an airport near where I live; I never went to the Eugene airport during my four years living there, for instance.

My TriMet pass continues to be used well.
Admiral Ackbar

Amazingly coincidentally, today's (apparently) Nat'l Unicorn Day!


* * *

Maddened unicorns!
So mad they use their horns to
Scratch out graffiti.

Maddened unicorns!
They hate that they never got
Wings. (They'd be useful.)

Maddened unicorns!
Wish they were portrayed more like
Cabin in the Woods.

Maddened unicorns!
...no. Not, in fact, angry, but
Just disappointed.

Maddened unicorns!
They wish they'd known virgin meat
Tastes like any meat.

Madden unicorns!
They took to playing football
Like magic Bart Starrs!

Maddened unicorns!
No one hires them for their
Sick D.J. scratch skills.

Maddened unicorns!
— so they registered to vote
And did so like mad.

Fattened unicorns!
Not to be confused with Kate
's "Fat Pony."

Maddened unicorns!
Low ceilings cause discomfort
From so much kneeling.

Zombie unicorns!
Horse jaws crush skulls just like that.
...seriously. CRUNCH.

* * *