April 10th, 2016

I listen

Another slight road trip

Once again, hit the road this afternoon. Probably I should've hit it in the morning, but I'm often slow on weekends. Also probably should've stopped for pictures, since I had my tablet with me —

— hey, has anyone ever nicknamed their tablet "Tabby"? —

— anyway, I could have taken pictures, and I did go out to pretty areas east of Portland: SE Stark first, which is not pretty, but it gets you to the Historic Columbia River Highway if you go east enough. Sandy River bubbling to one side, a sheer cliff right after the bridge that carries Stark over to the highway...it's nice. But again, I was kind of in the mood to drive for the sake of driving.

The farthest east I went today was Corbett, then I turned around and took the winding hillside road from Corbett to I-84; this is where someone came close to tailgating me, on a road that goes from 40 mph to 15 mph so, you know, BAD PLACE TO DRIVE CLOSE. Hrmph. At least the freeway was then fairly manageable; in fact, traffic was fine for me the rest of the trip, even though I then tempted fate and swung across the Glen Jackson Bridge to briefly drive through Vancouver. It's a risk because traffic on I-5's Interstate Bridge is unpredictable: chance of backups, with the more-than-occasional bridge lift to factor in. No backups this time!

And because I was then in the right Portland neighborhood, I stopped at the Jubitz truck stop for early dinner. A nice rockfish dish. To quote Poppy Z. Brite's The Value of X, "bottom-feeders taste good." And I like that before dinner, I saw that a lobby TV at Jubitz was not playing news, the way many travel centers often do, but coverage of Major League Soccer.

Meanwhile, I can still safely drive. And I can always drive better.