April 14th, 2016


Poetry corner!

Except...wait...the internet doesn't have corners.


I may need to rethink this title. But, meanwhile, some writing:

* * *

Splitting Hairs With Lasers
by Christopher Walsh, 4/13/2016

Light will never be in tentacles.
Wobbling, gripping, tentacle'ing — NOT WHAT LIGHT DOES.
Sunbeams, lasers, yes: they're made of light. Literally.
Anything that grows: made of light, metaphorically.
...so maybe light IS in tentacles.

* * *

Death By Cynicism, 4/13-4/14/2016

Scenic cynics seek
Serpentine second-guessing:
"You'll always be wrong."

* * *

Au Naturel, 4/13/2016

Moss on your eyebrows, rain on your shoes
Weeds rooted on coat, truly coat-ing your coat —
Bugs dally 'mongst hairs on your legs, arms and head
And find nourishment (lots!) from your fallen skin motes
You sound rumble-stomach'd, but in fact it's the noise
From the myriad swarmers using you as their boat
— You give them comfort, and they give you warmth
So thank you for all of that life that you tote.

- dedicated to all the life forms (microscopic, but still) which live thanks to you

* * *

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Poetry sinkhole! ...wait, that doesn't work

A few more I wanted to share. I do some haikus! / Because they keep me focused / To do them quickly.

Thus, from 4/7/2016...

* * *

The right words are keys
To reach facts, knowledge, wisdom
That should be unlocked.

Light, warmth, heat return
Our part of the world revving
With new energy.

Living in the dust
Cleaning it, not breathing it
Not yet being it.

* * *