April 25th, 2016


Sometimes you give space to someone to be sad.

Right now, I'm adjacent to sadness.

Two people I know just lost a pet. One of them's had the pet in their life for several years; one of them, the original owner, had this pet for over a decade. I don't wish to be more specific than that because it's not my story, and not my place to speak; but I wanted to acknowledge it.

The best I can do for the both of them is give them room, so they process this as best they can. Be gentle when I'm around them; give them time to themselves or each other. This afternoon I specifically went to the library — and a library farther from the house (the Northwest branch at NW 23rd and Thurman), because I was in the mood to see a different part of Portland — so that they'd have space to themselves, if needed. I can be there if they want to talk; I can be near if they want another person simply around; I can be off by myself if they need more space.

It's work, work I wish not to impede.

Things will be better. In time.