May 1st, 2016

Clay. Bill...Clay.

Every line that follows is true, even the opinion bits

Was just reminded that as great as Citizen Kane is, its advertising slogans were awful.

"It's terrific!"

"Some called him a hero...others called him a heel"

"He was the richest man in the world—but he went bankrupt on love!"

Advertising is tough. Not that it's Citizen Kane, but the original Die Hard (the Citizen Kane of '80s action films!) changed its opening weekend ads at the last minute because people were laughing at the trailer. (Disbelief that Bruce Willis could play an action hero. Never forget.) So the print ads leading up to opening day featured just the Nakatomi building surrounded by police and fire vehicles, no Bruce Willis at all, and the slogan "An adventure that will blow you through the back wall of the theater." THAT worked.

Anyway. Glad that Kane obviously outlived its ad campaign.