May 4th, 2016

Thumbs Up Vader

The songs are saved on files called MIDI-chlorians

Star Wars songs:

• "Smells Like Palpatine Spirit"
• "Anakin in the U.K."
• "Who Wants to Live for Poodoo"
• "Baby Got Dak"
• "Wicket Game"
• "Theme from Ray-Shielded Shaft"
• "You Can Leave Your Padawan"
• Jimmy Buffett's "Finns"
• "Bane in Vain" (The Clone Wars represent!)
• "Invisible Force Touch"
• "Bantha on the Run"
• "Cold, Cold Darth"
• "Dengar Zone"
• "Wookiee Pa Nub" (sung by Buckwheat)

May the Fourth be with you!