May 20th, 2016

Admiral Ackbar

By the way, I did vote this week

Last week, I signed a petition. I don't usually sign them; I tend to wait for the petitioned issues to get enough interest from others to get to a vote. My hunch is, you're more likely to get substantive information on the issue when it's up for a vote than when it's a petition.

Today I'd gotten to a bus stop, with a bus only a few minutes away, as had a mother and daughter, when a canvasser showed up. He initially spoke to the mother, and the bus had reached the stop by the time they'd finished talking, and I avoided talking to him.

I avoided because I overheard and realized He's probably canvassing on the same issue I'd signed last week, but how would it sound if I'd said "I generally don't sign petitions, and I think I signed this"? It'd sound like I was lying, and like I was covering my bases. "I don't do this, and I've already done this."

I probably will keep not signing petitions.
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Apples develop the ability to speak. They need your help recording their message. You have to ask yourself: "How do you mic them apples?"
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