June 25th, 2016

Me 2 (B&W)

"At the All Mall"

"At the All Mall," by Christopher Walsh, 6/24/2016-6/25/2016

The All Mall.
Something (at least one thing) for everyone.
(OK, there's air, so: at least two things.)
Each of you is welcome. Each feels...
(A welcoming feeling? There, at least three things.)
You can linger; you can be quick.
Get whatever wanted thing now, or, you know, eventually.
You can be as social or solitary as desired.
The music you hear will be whatever you wish to hear.
(Directed sound waves: reaching selected people.)
(You can choose silence, if you want.)
The All Mall is comfortable. Inviting.
You naturally feel good. You naturally feel better. You, in fact, naturally feel well.
The All Mall is as natural as a mall can be — though malls
Do not
Exist in nature.
(But if it could have, Nature would've invented it.)
You can be born in the All Mall. Maybe you were. It accommodates that, as well, if your parents pay the right price.
The All Mall wants you to be used to the All Mall.
It wants you to feel, as long as you wish, briefly or for a while,
At home. (FOUR. Four things, perhaps more.)
Each store at the All Mall is a proven success. A place
Enough people (often plenty of people)
Would want to go.
Some stores weren't mall-friendly —
But now, after enough time, the successes are known, and shepherded, and kept.
The All Mall is the perfected mall.
It's a perfected experience.
Every corner, every tile, every transparent/translucent/frosted glass pane,
Adds to that.
Supports that.
Is planned.
There's no discomfort. No outside dissonance. Nothing awkward.
You want to be there.
If you want to be, you want to be there.
At the All Mall.

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Edit: I later wrote some notes about what led to this.

The poetry increases

This blog wasn't originally going to be a blog.

My big motivation for starting this LJ account in September 2004 was so I'd no longer have to post anonymously on friends' accounts. Blogging, I figured, would be a bonus, and I took a while to make that my habit. But I figured if I blogged, I'd like to blog more poetically — maybe actual poetry, maybe blogs with more poetic language.

The first original poem-thing I wrote here was this bit of doggerel in Feb. 2005. (I'd previously posted an earlier piece, from 2001.) Blogging qua blogging took hold, and became a big deal for me. Still is, though I certainly don't post as often now. And as time has passed, both poetry and poetic language have become more important to me. I like the training, the word-discipline (say more with less; it's doable), and — when it's good — the effect. (I can still be silly, too.)

And a benefit of poem-writing: I feel it makes me less likely to repeat myself. I've never wanted to write, essentially, the same blog posts repeatedly, but that's a risk, especially after so many years of doing it. Life patterns can lead to writing patterns. Poem-writing, I hope, breaks that up.

I have no idea what I'll write next, blog-wise or poem-wise. I'll enjoy finding out.