July 7th, 2016

Star Wars - Fly away...

I'm a cowboy. On a steel horse I ride. (A Civic has steel, right?)

Did my latest "drive to remind myself I can drive" drive today, circling for several miles through SE and NE Portland: surface roads, freeways, and surface roads that were once considered as possible routes for freeways. (You know SE Johnson Creek Blvd.? That was part of a proposed freeway that would've gone through Sellwood.) I did this early in the afternoon before rush hour really got going, so traffic wasn't bad where I was, including seven miles on the Banfield. Got that nice unobstructed view of Mt. Hood you can get once the Banfield curves from its briefly northern turn to pointing east again; the clouds were high enough to show the mountain. I like seeing that mountain. I live in the right place, right?

While driving, I noted to myself something true: it feels really like an indulgence to me to use drive-thrus. I didn't on this trip, but I kind of wanted to. But I don't drive that much, relatively — most of 2009, for example, I barely drove at all — and if I go to a restaurant, I'm more likely to go in and sit down. And I've probsbly used drive-thru ATMs maybe three times the entire time I've lived in Portland, and that includes trips. So it's far enough outside my usual experience to feel slightly exotic.

No drivers I saw drove in especially bad ways, thank goodness. I was most annoyed when I saw a teenage boy riding a motorized scooter on a sidewalk. NO. NOT THERE. WRONG PLACE TO DRIVE ANYTHING MOTORIZED THAT'S NOT A MOTORIZED WHEELCHAIR.

Anyway. I also pulled over next to the Belmont Goats' new home because, hey, I like saying hi to goats. And I appreciated one car's license frame, which read "The closer you get to me, the slower I drive."

There. More safe driving done. Oh, and there are no pictures, because I WAS DRIVING, YOU FOOLS.