August 4th, 2016

Flavored Calories.

I stay honest.

Not that I disclose everything (my bowel movements, let me show you them NO CHRIS NO), but...

After (as I said) not doing so in all of 2015, much of 2014, and the first seven months of 2016 — follow all that? — I have eaten Taco Bell. I did Sunday, right before meeting Andrew for that trip to Salem. I wanted something quick and cheap and on the way to the U-Haul place where we were going to meet, and that Taco Bell is less than a block away. I spent $1.59 on what's called a "loaded potato griller." And...

...yeah, it'll be a while before I do that again. I need practice for not eating at Taco Bell in, say, 2017.

At least it was filling.