August 13th, 2016

Me 2 (B&W)

A quiet week, mainly in coffee shops

Sometimes I have nothing to say. And this past week I didn't have blog-worthy thoughts, but I wanted to end that break so...hi.

I've had a quiet week. Wandering. Reading. Mainly being around people when I visit coffee shops: I made a special trip to NE on Tuesday to go to Jim & Patty's, now renamed Jim & Patty's Coffee People because Jim and Patty own the name Coffee People again. (They owned it before, then they didn't, and now they do once more, and to this Oregonian this seems more balanced now. Anyway, good place.)

Some of my current reading has been the second Easy Rawlins novel by Walter Mosley (A Red Death), the second Glamourist science fiction novel by Mary Robinette Kowel (Glamour in Glass — the books in the series are essentially Jane Austen novels if Austen's characters could use magic), and a book on poetry. That book's The Ode Less Traveled by actor-writer Stephen Fry, a poetry hobbyist. The book has exercises to remind writers that it's easier to write poetically than maybe a lot of people think. I've been doing those exercises; they're the writing equivalent of practicing scales on the piano, so they aren't actual poetry, but they should help me when I do my next poetry. Plus The Ode Less Traveled is a clever book, and not dry. Fry wants people to have fun with poetry. I want to have fun with poetry. Sometimes in coffee shops.

(Taken at home, not in a coffee shop. The parts I outlined in red are places where I deviated from strict iambic pentameter or places where I added syllables as needed. Arrows mark enjambments, where I intentionally continued sentences and thoughts from one line to the next.)

Unlike a lot of places in the U.S., Portland didn't really get hot until partway through this week, but now it's summer-hot. Northwest Oregon doesn't necessarily get summer-hot, even in August. Last night was the first night in a while that it was still pretty warm after sundown, so I did what I usually don't do and left the bedroom window open all night while I slept. The previous time I did that, I wasn't all that relaxed about it; last night I was a little more relaxed. And cooler, which was the important thing. Time to cope more with heat...

(Also, cold brew coffee. Thanks, many people and things, for cold-brew coffee. Which I had yesterday.)

Seriously, the most strenuous thing I did this week? Hand-wash my car. I did it Thursday after one of my housemates asked if I could. The car's cleaner. It won't be 100% clean, because a) car, and b) it doesn't need to be 100%, just cleaner. My cleaning credo.

Hoping for blog-worthy thoughts as this month goes on, I remain