August 19th, 2016

I listen

I'll keep it, for now

There were too many podcast episodes. I needed to weed.

Due to laziness and being technically declined, I hadn't set up iTunes on my desktop computer or "The Cloud" (it exists, right?) on my iPad; and with my current set-up at the house, I don't have that desktop hooked up to the internet, so "haven't" applies, too. Plus I'm cheap, and haven't bought added storage. When I saw that podcasts I'd saved were the single largest hoarders of space, I committed to getting rid of them. After I'd listened to them again.

I'd saved a whole raft of episodes of "Welcome To That Whole Thing," the last show Cort Webber and Bobby Roberts did together. Cort and Bobby have been a big part of my Portland media diet, since 2007; I started listening to them regularly on terrestrial radio ("The Cort and Fatboy Show," afternoons on the late and unlamented FM rock station KUFO) because Mike Russell joined them each Friday to talk about films. Before that, I'd seen the two of them hosting a preview screening of the infamous 2006 film Snakes on a Plane.

In what turned out to be a good move, Cort and Bobby turned their afternoon KUFO show into a radio/podcast hybrid, doing more show content (still recording during songs and commercials) that you only got if you listened to their podcast; it was a good move because in October 2009 their radio bosses fired them, but they'd established an online audience (and their own website). That audience found them again when they went full-podcast. Cort and Bobby kept going: in late 2012 they ended "The Cort and Fatboy Show," dropping that name that had been the last major vestige of their radio roots, and followed it up in early 2013 with the more general news-comment show "Welcome To That Whole Thing." The episodes I'd saved were from the period in 2014 — which now seems a lot longer ago than just two years — when they focused further on "a single in-depth subject plus a guest to discuss it," as opposed to the "comment on whatever news was happening" that they'd done before.

Good stuff. Genuinely good, thoughtful, often funny stuff. However, the audience was no longer finding that good stuff.

Cort Webber and Bobby Roberts have a well-developed sense of when it's time to end something and move on. They recorded their final "Welcome To That Whole Thing" in December 2014. I still have that episode. I just re-listened to it (after spending several weeks re-listening to, then deleting, the others I'd saved). Maybe I'll keep it. Even if I don't keep it, it's the one episode of that podcast still salvageable online: their final guest, Mike Russell, put an mp3 copy of it on his site.

Cort Webber and Bobby Roberts are plenty busy doing other things. Still thoughtful, still busy, still funny, just in different venues. I also know them in person; they're good people I'm glad are part of Portland. I wish them to keep doing well.