August 23rd, 2016

Thumbs Up Vader


Forget something; feel dumb; correct something; feel better. There. That's a story. That's an entry.

Wait. More:

I shopped this morning at the new WinCo at SE 82nd and Powell, where a Food 4 Less had stood closed for awhile. Fairly quick trip to get 14 food things, no more than what I could easily carry on the bus and walk home, which I did. I moved on with my day, did other stuff, got home...

...and realized one of the things I'd bought wasn't in the kitchen, or anywhere else in the house. "Well that's a buck-forty-eight I'm not getting back," I said to myself, sanguine, and did other stuff...

...until, later, I realized another thing I'd bought wasn't there, either.

I'm usually better at self-bagging, I swear.

I'd forgotten a pack of cherry tomatoes and a bottle of jalapeño Tabasco sauce. If it'd just been the tomatoes, I probably would've let it go, but I wanted tomatoes...and I really wanted hot sauce again. (I've been out.)

Good thing I had the receipt, a bus pass, time, and a willingness to bus back to WinCo and ask to set this right. There. I feel better. Oh yeah, that I already told you.