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August 24th, 2016

In public! With a former co-worker!

Yesterday wasn't just shopping shenanigans; I also visited someone I hadn't seen in a while. I last worked at CLEAResult, in downtown Portland just off of the west end of the Hawthorne Bridge, and I go past that building a lot and don't feel the need to flip off the building. (Certain places I've worked? I'm tempted. Just saying.) I've been in email contact with a couple of former co-workers there, and yesterday it finally worked out for me to visit one of them, supervisor Toby, over lunch.

Nice to catch up, get some intel on the job situation at the place and find out how people are doing. We ate at the Good Earth Café, which moved from just north of CLEAResult's building to just west of CLEAREsult's building soon after I finished working there, and this was a good time to visit, finally, the new site. I had my first roast beef sandwich in a while; I hadn't had one since before Big-Ass Sandwiches closed. They made good roast beef sandwiches, but now I'll want other roast beef sandwiches. And this one was good.

(This roast beef sandwich is going to trigger my own A Remembrance of Things Past, isn't it.)

(...no, it isn't.)

So. Good food in good company. Yesterday I got that. And I'll get more of that. Hi, Future. I'll see you.

The economics of ant-sized pizzas

Ants are deprived of pizzas. You simply can't make them small enough. All stoves are too large. The stove controls, too. How would they spread out a 5-millimeter circle of dough? Precisely drop drops of sauce? Get micro-sized pepperoni, sausage, peppers, anchovy shavings, bacon bit bits, mini mushroom stems? Any cheese would be too big. Even a single grated piece of Parmesan'd be too large. Any ant trying to cut a pineapple slice down to size would probably drown in the juice. (THIS IS WHY I DON'T GET PIZZA WITH PINEAPPLE. That and I don't like pineapple.)

But...but...ants could carry them. Oh, how they could carry them. Tiny little towers of pizzas, stacked on the backs of ant after ant, balanced by two of their six legs as they march (if they weren't using those legs instead to play the world's smallest violins...).

Wouldn't even need tiny pizza boxes, because ants will eat anything in any condition. It's science! (Science is fun.)


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