September 19th, 2016

Blow My Mind

OK, OK, dream-mind, I got it

For the most part, I'm not even going to describe the images in my dreams last night, because I'm pretty sure exactly what the dreams were talking about. Concerns about work, concerns about relationships, concerns about performance in society, concerns about food, all colliding in imagery. Made last night less restful; my mind felt like it was revving.

On the plus side, some of the imagery was beautiful: me and others in a house with a lot of large windows, watching a warm and brilliant-pink sunrise lighting up a Mt. Hood-like mountain, on a horizon that seemed not that far away. Lovely. My dreams have been vivid and colorful since childhood. I hope they stay so, even when they're more stressful.

Good morning.

Friends-Locked addendum to that dream entry

Yes! Some images! I don't want to share these as publicly as this entry.

The house was a big house with a bunch of families and couples I seemed to know, everyone very comfortable with each other; there was a camping-out vibe, just inside. I walked through a room with a couple in bed, and they didn't mind that I was walking through. (I felt weird about how I clearly recognized one person in that bed, someone I'm acquainted with, but I didn't recognize who was in bed with them...except they were not the partner of the person I recognized. I only occasionally see people I know in my dreams, and I'm still thrown when it happens. Also I may have changed the sexuality of that person, because I don't think they're oriented the way I imagined...) Kids were there, too: I specifically remember watching the sunrise with a six-year-old or so boy who seemed related to me, or was at least comfortable being around me.

Not everything in the house was perfect; a bathroom was geysering, but the water wasn't spilling into other rooms so I left it.

Another part of the dream saw me traveling through a city, what felt like parts of North and NE Portland, while getting increasingly urgent phone messages ("Call back about this job prospect!") that I couldn't answer at the moment. Instead, I had to go into an especially large fast food restaurant where everyone seemed to know me, at least know me just enough to look at and silently acknowledge me, which also threw me off; What do they know that I don't?

Wrapping up the dream, in the same building as that large fast food restaurant was a complex I entered with a bunch of people, swiftly divided up by gender, for some sort of program — was it a performance I was expected to be a part of? I'm not sure, but I am sure that the man who was running the program introduced a sex worker who then started paying a lot of attention to me. Again, with other men around watching, seemingly expecting me to a certain way? In any way? The dream ended before I could be more sure.

This is partly why I'm still waking up.