October 6th, 2016


A fiction. It's fact.

Back from First Thursday and the opening night of an art show of work by Mike Russell, and I'm warming up my bed for the night. I can also write from bed.

Tonight I can report that I've written something and finished it.

Fiction. Actual short story draft, currently just under 2,900 words (editing to ensue), of a fanfic. Fanfic of the film Serenity (2005), an idea I'd had literally a few years ago, even before I moved to this house.

There's the amateur fiction writer's dilemma: FINISHING STUFF. A story can't actually be good if it's not actually finished, if it's just drafted fragments without a THE END in it. That's what I've been telling myself, so I've poked at what I had of the story during the past couple of weeks. I set today as a target to finish it. I did. I felt productive.

Like a lot of you, I've gotten a story out of me. Which encourages me to get more stories out of me. Meanwhile, I'll look at this story, see what work it needs, and post it when I can. And hope it's worth sharing.