October 23rd, 2016

Portland Timbers

It's the circle of sports pain

Earlier: Sports. NFL on the TV, New England Patriots at Pittsburgh Steelers to be exact, and Major League Soccer on my tablet, specifically Portland Timbers at Vancouver Whitecaps. The NFL game was going badly at first for Pittsburgh. I posted online that Pittsburgh could have it worse:

Then, like it was karmic payback, Vancouver scored, and scored, and scored, and scored, and since Portland then only scored once on a free kick, Portland lost 4-1.

Ah, sports pain, I know you well. I manage to live with you, and I try to get over you reasonably quickly.
Blow My Mind

Running off the rails in a crazy game

I screamed, laughed, yelled, and cringed through the end of the Seattle Seahawks-Arizona Cardinals game. Five quarters, no touchdowns, four field goals, TWO MISSED FIELD GOALS IN A ROW: by the end we were rooting for a safety to happen. OK, that was a good heart workout at least.

Did it seem like a sloppy day in the NFL? I mean, just in general?