November 3rd, 2016


Still street legal!

My car checks out.

(From the library. It's a very literate car. (...kidding. Bad joke. I can joke better. GOAL.))

My errand this morning was getting my car to the Gresham DEQ station for an emissions test, which is needed every two years, and plate renewal. Plates are renewed. It was nicely quick, too (though I had a book in case I'd needed to wait).

And because I was out, it was nice weather, and the car was cooperating, I drove for a bit just to drive. Stopped in the Hollywood neighborhood planning to go to its library, but it wasn't open yet (each branch once or twice a week is open noon to 8:00 instead of 10:00 to 6:00) so I hung out in the Hollywood McDonalds, then hit the road again. Wound up near the airport, just as National Guard F-15s were launching for patrols; I'm not usually that close to them. (I hope never to get closer. I can see it now: headlines saying EMERGENCY FIGHTER LANDING ON I-205 TURNS ALL OF PORTLAND METRO INTO PARKING LOT...) Got onto the freeway for the next leg of my trip, and went as far south as Clackamas Promenade hoping to drop in on a friend at the Starbucks where he works...except now he likely works at another Starbucks, because the one he'd worked at was closed. I hope my friend's working in a good different place! (Edit: Yep, he just let me know which Starbucks he works at now. I can see him there sometime!)

Then home. I don't have wifi in the car. Car's not new enough for that. Plus the "don't drive distracted" thing...

Also, no, I won't write an entry every single time I drive. It just seems like that.