November 11th, 2016

Sally Salt Disgusted

This year is cracked. I guess that's how light gets in.

I've decided 2016 has hit the "Oh, COME ON!" stage.

I've decided this because last night, when I got the news that the amazing singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen had passed away, my mind started going to jokes. At least attempted jokes. "Guess he was sentenced to death by the blues," I thought. Since Cohen seemed to have a sense of humor, I'm guessing he wouldn't have minded people making jokes about his death, but: jokes. Because there's been a ton of shock and mourning, all throughout this crazy year, a year that's felt operatic. Or maybe soap-operatic. (Keep in mind, I like soaps.) And, sometimes, you should just laugh.

I still remember then-Portland DJ Jayn, of 94.7 KNRK, saying a couple of weeks after 9/11 that it felt so weird to, finally, laugh about stuff in that attack's wake. I felt that, too; being someone who had to work when young to develop a sense of humor, I really felt that. A lot of times this year, I've had trouble laughing. Last night, it felt weird to go straight to trying to laugh, but I did. I wanted to. Then I got sincere, because Cohen deserves sincerity.

(Jayn, by the way, is now a music director, assistant program director, and DJ for Radio Alice in San Francisco. She's good people.)

Coping looks different at different times with different people. I wanted to note how I was, I hope, doing so.