November 22nd, 2016

Blow My Mind

Do I skip a day?


This wasn't a day that inspired blog-y thoughts. Some days don't. It's nice when they do, but at the moment I don't feel like possibly forcing it. But I like having an entry a day.

I can say I've seen Santa. That was yesterday. One of the members of PDX Yar who I know, Kenneth, is a Santa for Clackamas Town Center a couple of bus lines away from here, and I visited him on the job last night. I know, it's early for Christmas, but it's a job, he's good at it (this is his second year), and Mondays the mall invites not only kids but pets to visit Santa. I got to pet one of those pets, too, and I was up for that.

This will be a short entry. How short? THIS IS THE END.