November 23rd, 2016

Star Wars - Fly away...

Pre-Thanksgiving, done

Thanksgiving weekend is, I'm glad to say, off to a low-key start. Driving out to the parents' place in Dundee was NOT low-key, though: heavy traffic and an accident that had narrowed I-205 at Oregon City to one lane. I didn't see too much bad driving, thank goodness, but, still, so much driving in general.

I kept myself from getting too annoyed with drivers by thinking of Survivor challenges, which, of course, never involve driving. (Though one of these seasons I hope they pay homage to the favorite phrase of so many Survivor contestants, "throw _____ under the bus," by building a challenge around an actual bus. This might be the sort of thing that amuses only me.)

After meeting here, Mom, Dad and I drove out farther to my Uncle Greg and Aunt Peg's house in Dayton for an eight-person, ad hoc pre-Thanksgiving dinner: a thick and satisfying lentil soup (adapted from the recipe at Portland's Der Rheinlander), homemade bread, and even a little bit of rum. Not in a cake, just in a glass. I like. (I've had little if any rum up until now, is the thing.)

Tomorrow is a 10-person meal at my folks' place, once one more pair of aunt-and-uncle shows up. Not our biggest Thanksgiving by a long shot, but I think a smaller gathering is the right Thanksgiving for me for now.

Take care.
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