November 30th, 2016

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To share an earworm!

This song's been, somehow, on my mind.

The 1991 film The Addams Family has not just a fun score by Marc Shaiman — future Oscar nominee for both the music from Patch Adams and the songs from South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut — but also the fun song "Mamushka," written by Shaiman, Betty Comden, and Adolph Green. Comden and Green were the comedian-songwriters who wrote the script for the wonderful Singin' in the Rain, and getting them for this song was, for Shaiman, a major coup.

More than half of "Mamushka" was cut from the final film, but the original soundtrack album (which I own) had the full-length song, an ode to brothers that Gomez (Raul Julia) sings to his rediscovered brother Fester (Christopher Lloyd). If you'd like to be earwormed on it, now's your chance...

Cartoon Chris

Something light

First off, rest in peace, Grant Tinker. He was a TV producer who became an NBC executive and helped keep on the air certain low-rated shows that became classic, powerhouse audience favorites, such as Cheers and Hill Street Blues. Before that, Tinker and his then-wife Mary Tyler Moore founded MTM Enterprises, which did the smartassed thing of creating a logo that parodied the epic MGM "Leo the Lion" logo. Several of the company's shows revised the logo to better fit each show (like Steven Bochco's short-lived Bay City Blues, about an minor-league baseball team): at least one individual episode, the 1990 series finale of Newhart, redid the logo for a one-time special reason.

Here, to have something light, are a bunch of those logos.