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December 7th, 2016

Friends, acquaintances and colleagues of mine are on the island of Kauai right now. Someone else I know just flew from Portland to Palm Springs, CA.

A lot of us like warmth.

The people I know on Kauai are there for a wedding. Good choice. They made it a group vacation, also a good choice. A couple of the people in the group will record their podcast (Funemployment Radio) while there. Too bad warmth can't be sent through the Web, but we can imagine it.

Yes, warmth remains on my mind: Portland had below-freezing temps for the first time this season today, plus a good amount of wind, and tomorrow precip gets added to the mix. Me, I'll wait for the suggestion of warmth that is the next episode of Survivor, which filmed this time in Fiji.

There. Entry-a-day done for today.