December 10th, 2016

Whale fluke

Yes! Farther!

I did get out today, much farther than yesterday. Early enough, in fact, that I deliberately walked a long, less-direct path to get to my destination because I had time to kill. I was out of the house before 8:00 a.m. to get to Beulahland, where a friend works as a server, which usually doesn't open until 9:00*, so I rode the bus farther than usual. "Overshoot and see areas I don't always see" was, it turned out, a good plan. Portland was warming up from its freeze; it was cloudy and foggy, with ice and snow patches adding to the whiteness that softened views. Atmospheric, especially in Lone Fir Cemetery, which I walked near. Alternating whites, greens and browns of lawns and trees in the snow and ice. Nice.

After food and a lot of coffee (maybe too much) at Beulahland — which had opened early (to show an Arsenal game), but I hadn't known that — I also visited my main comic shop and a library branch, covering ground I'd wanted to get to. I'm still adjusting to winter weather. Time to get used to it.

* Once, a few years ago, I walked into Beulahland when it wasn't open for business yet but the front door was open — they were loading product in. I felt chagrined. I won't repeat that mistake.