December 18th, 2016

Blow My Mind

Ominous Statements

On Facebook I saw a meme, "Ominous Statement Generator." Based on your birth month, eye color, birth order and hair color, a few sentence fragments become a statement, one that's (you hope) portentous and evocative and, yes, ominous. But that meme structure is inherently limiting; I wanted to be more free-form than that. Thus, this:

It will, soon. Soon.

The harsh light shone, seeming to judge.

The forbidden words await on your lips.

The shadow on the Moon began to move. (Alternately, "The shadow on the Moon began to shift.")

Alas, it was done.

At last, it was done.

And the darkness hugged the world.

Life yearned.

Deliberately, warily, we prepared. We would be ready. We would.

The never-known word became, finally, truly, known.

All had fallen.

All had risen.

Peregrinations: to a game, to a birthday, to a concert

I wasn't ready for winter. Yes, winter hasn't officially begun yet, but the snowy icy weather in Portland (latest round starting last Wednesday) is getting a good start. Good for it, bad for my feet being warm, but it'd be bad for me not to go anywhere just because it's icy. Though I haven't today (or on Friday), I've been getting out:

Thursday night, I played at the latest Funemployment Radio Bingo Night, in the (thank goodness heated) covered area at Landmark Saloon. It helped that Landmark is an easy bus ride from where I live. We got a decent turnout for the game, despite the weather, and I played all three rounds. Never won, but only some can win. I left Landmark for the bus, but when I checked bus arrival times and learned the next wouldn't be for 20 minutes, I went back and hung out inside Landmark, where a band was playing. I'm glad I got more exposure to country music I can enjoy.

Saturday, more was melted and I was out more. Enough roads were icy that a lot of buses were still chained, which limits them to 25 mph; I made the wrong choice between an earlier bus or a later Max train to get to NE Portland and took a lot longer to get there than hoped. The Max would've been quicker, but I made it to the house where my friend Gerald lives. Yesterday was his birthday, and we hung out for part of it. Watched UFC, which I watch occasionally, and snacked; Gerald cooked for the house that night.

From there I walked to Parkrose Transit Center, northwest of that house and within manageable walking distance (and mostly no longer icy!), and Maxed downtown. After my first-ever meal at Old Town Pizza (a meatball sub and root beer; I think Roger Ebert would've approved), I crossed downtown to the fancy Starbucks behind the downtown Powell's Books, a Starbucks that serves beer and wine and, last night, was serving LIVE MUSIC. Music by the PDX Broadsides, comprised by three people I know who are also in the PDX Yar pirate cosplay group. They write and sing geek-friendly songs about memes, Legos, fanfic, Shakespeare, and how Santa has to be a Time Lord like in Doctor Who. Also songs with an edge like "Smile," about street harassment, or "We Want Rey," about increasing representation in media like toys and t-shirts, because (for instance) there are surprisingly few clothes available for anyone who wants to wear an image of Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens or Black Widow of the Avengers. As the Broadsides pointed out, Halloween 2016 was the first Halloween where girls' costumes outsold boys' costumes, so this may, and should, be changing. Anyway, the PDX Broadsides are fun, thoughtful musicians, I'm glad I know them, and I'm glad I got out to see them. I even dressed up more than usual, because the band had asked people to be fancy. We fancy people (I was on the less-fancy end) got photo proof!

taken by [get name], 12-17-2016

I didn't go out today; I didn't want or need to. Next time out is [SOME OF WHAT I WILL PROBABLY BLOG ABOUT THIS WEEK].
Whale fluke

A painting, by High School-Me

I've made one good-sized, framed painting in my life. High school project, as was most of the artwork I've been sharing with all of you since Thanksgiving when I looked through and photographed a bunch of it. This lurks brightly in a closet in the basement mechanical room at my parents' place in Dundee.

Painting, high school

Pretty sure this was, mostly, dream-imagery-inspired. I'll be honest: I decided to make the ribbons bright and unsubtly primary-colored (even their shadows are pitch-black) because it would be easier to paint. However, I soon became most proud of how I did the background, which needed actual color blending. And by now, I also can be honest that I most likely thought of that background because of the time vortex the U.S.S. Nimitz sails through in 1980's The Final Countdown:


(Yeah, I saw that film A LOT in the early 1980s. It was on HBO a bunch. I used to be able to recite large chunks of it. That was also the first time I remember getting in trouble for swearing. I learned really quickly Not To Do That. But I remembered the film.)