December 31st, 2016

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Read this year: 67 books

Sixty-seven books — well, to be exact, book-length reading items (including film scripts, graphic novel collections of comics, short story collections and more) — passed in front of my eyes in 2016. That's something I accomplished. Several new-to-me authors; a few series revisited, most prominently Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide novels; also new formats, as I read digital books regularly for the first time.

I will enter 2017 reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Here's what I finished:

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TNG Darmok

The Right Kind of Happiness

There was a chance yesterday that I might run into someone who's having a pretty significant life shake-up. I know of the shake-up because they talked about it. ("They" is the pronoun I'm using here, for a very particular reason that you don't need to know for this entry to work.) It's not a death-level shake-up, everyone involved will be OK; still, it involves good people I'm acquainted with and who I like. If I ran into this certain person, I wanted to be ready to give them good thoughts.

I didn't, but I felt I had a good thought to pass along if I did: "I hope you find the right kind of happiness." know, I really don't feel I need to expand on that thought. Seems pretty self-explanatory.

I hope I find my right happiness. I hope you find yours, too.
Whale fluke

Words for the Year's End

Off the top of my head as 2016 marches, second after second, past my life...

How's your breath?
How's the air?
What are you taking in?
What is now coming out?
------(in through the nose, out through the mouth...
------in through the nose, out through the mouth...)
What does your body need and want?
What does your breath need and want?
What does your life need and want?
What energy is around you?
What energy are you letting in,
------letting through,
------letting out?
What do you do?
What could be improved?

What will be your best use of breath?

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