Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh


Weird, interrupted sleep last night, with a dream that was vivid and also filled with characters who were angry and being aggro. I had to travel with them.

I'd rather not focus on that, so I'll focus on what else was striking about that dream. I'd look out from the bus where some of the dream took place, and as it made its steady pace along an imagined freeway I looked out across a very, very, very big city. A stretching-beyond-the-horizon city, with landmarks and mountains (the Space Needle or something much like it appeared) dotted everywhere, so much of it striking. So much of it seeming like a place I could visit. Bits of it I did, because dream.

The thing is, my subconscious did a lot of world-building last night, as my dream-self had a small-scale drama of how to best relate to people who were angry. Must have been a lot of my mind.
Tags: dreams

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