Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Today, I wasn't a people person

Oh: I didn't want to be around people tonight.

I wasn't sure at first. Usually, at worst, I don't mind being around others, and often I like it. That's different. But tonight: yeah.

I spent part of it at a library, and luckily for my mood people there were decently behaved. (A guy at my table asked me one question: which branch were we at? "We're at Woodstock," I said. That was all he needed, and all he wanted.) I read, I got online briefly, then left.

It was at the neighborhood New Seasons that I figured out I was not in the mood for people. I got a little to eat, and sat down on the roof deck. Some minutes later, a man who I guessed was a father and his kids sat down near me. They weren't too talkative, they certainly weren't loud, but I realized they could possibly get on my nerves. So I finished my food, then grabbed my root beer and moved into the indoor seating area.

A few minutes later, they moved too. The man said to someone that it was getting a little too cool outside by that part of the evening. Fair, but not what I'd wanted.

That wasn't the last straw. A couple of the store employees were talking, bringing up the Marvel movies then bringing up Solo: the one of the two guys who'd seen it liked it, but said his expectations were low after "how awful the last one was." Meaning The Last Jedi. A film I cried at because it hit me hard. I love The Last Jedi. Not needing that kind of negativity in my life, I stopped reading, finished my root beer, and got going home.

Because I don't have to be fair in my blog, I'm tempted to think and claim the guy who'd seen Solo: a Star Wars Story was thinking Solo got changed in some fundamental way based on the loud negative reaction of a slice of Star Wars fandom to TLJ, when, no: NOTHING changed in Solo based on people's reactions to TLJ. The basic story of Solo was worked out in 2012 by George Lucas and Lawrence Kasdan, before Lucas had even sold Lucasfilm to Disney. The admittedly large amount of reshoots Solo had after Ron Howard took over (70 to 80% of it reshot, I heard) were finished well before TLJ came out.

Wait: I'm not being fair. The guy almost certainly didn't think that. He was just talking about his reaction and expectations. But I've heard from plenty of people who think they know how the film industry works, and are almost completely wrong, who would think something like that. There. At least I admit when I'm unfair.

I'll be fine with being around people again. I'm not going to be a sociopath. And hey, nice evening for a walk.
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