January 12th, 2017



Portland got the sun today. So some of the snow — some — has been melting, and lots of the city has been glinting. We're far from being out of this: we'll be at or below freezing for — *checks* — the next three days. But the sun is out, the sky is clear, the air is pretty, and we'll continue to deal.

I got out farther today than yesterday. Bussed to the Hawthorne Fred Meyer, for a slight change of pace; sometimes I don't want to shop at the Freddy's within walking distance, and I wanted to see how that area looked. Plus it'd be easier to get the free newspapers that came out this week (the Willamette Week and the Portland Mercury); that neighborhood has boxes for both, my neighborhood doesn't. Plus(-plus) libraries, where I often get the papers, are closed today.

(Speaking of libraries, the central library downtown, where I last was Tuesday, now looks different out front: Wednesday the big tree in front of it on SW 10th fell, due to snow. Luckily the library was closed yesterday, too, but I'm glad and relieved I was nowhere near there...and sad for the loss of the tree. LATER EDIT: The whole tree did not fall, but a large branch comprising about a third of the tree. Someone I know saw the damage today, and it wasn't as much tree damage as it could have been,)

People in and near the Hawthorne Freddy's today seemed to be in generally a good mood. I smile about that. I hope we're getting by.

Now, home, for the night, which is coming...but still, sunlight and clear skies for the moment...
Me 3

How my blogger brain works

I considered posting a blog entry tomorrow morning that would've been this except with "Here's another one." (Or maybe "Here's another." Faster is funnier!)

I won't.

Rest well, all of you about to rest. If you're awake, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, good on you!