April 7th, 2017

Me 2 (B&W)

Around Art

My liberty card was punched, and it took me a little while to realize it. I'd planned out a Thursday night trip to North Portland then Old Town Portland — first to Bridge City Comics to pick up a month's worth of books waiting for me, then to Sequential Art Gallery on NW Broadway to see art by a local comics artist I'm acquainted with. See, for most of the day when you buy a TriMet ticket, it's good for 2 1/2 hours, and I planned my trip around that; it wasn't until I was boarding the bus near Bridge City Comics that I looked at my ticket and saw it was good through the end of the service day. Strictly speaking, I could've jumped on a bus with it until 1:00-ish.

Me being me, I took more time. I do when I can.

Often on First Thursday, a monthly art event in Portland, I go only to Sequential Art, where I know the proprietors. This time, I let myself wander into a couple of other galleries. Plus I hung out at Sequential Art, as I often do; after I'd seen the art I sat outside, read, and people-watched. Gave a heads-up to a woman and a young girl that a guy on a bike was riding towards them on the sidewalk so they'd be less surprised by him.

It can feel like work, me getting into a mindset to look at art. I'm learning, and hoping, to relax more about it: I'm not going to "get" everything, and not every piece will speak to me. It's no one's fault if that happens. (Unless the art is really poorly done.) Plus I had enough on my mind last night — several subjects and issues, not getting into them at the moment — that I could easily distract myself from the artworks. Too easily.

But I got out, and visited people and places, and saw stuff I otherwise wouldn't have seen.
Cartoon Chris

The Dream Tries To Explain Itself

For decades, I've had recurring images and locations in my dreams. Last night's dreams included at least one major recurring dream location, and the dream was giving me the sense that When I dream of that recurring place, this is the specific place I'm dreaming about. The dream was attempting to tell me that what I was dreaming about then was somehow more real than the other almost-exactly-like-this-place recurring location I've dreamt about for years. Except that it's once again — surprise! — a dream-location, not a place I can walk or drive to in this real life.

My dreams are meta. Of course they are.
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