May 30th, 2017

Captain Kris W'lash

The days went on: my weekend

It hit me (ow) that when someone I know asked me today "What did you do this weekend?," I didn't have that much of an answer. It was a weekend that felt like a lot happened, and a lot did, but most of what happened mostly didn't happen to me. So. I decided to list what did happen.

I'll start with Friday, which was a nice and comfortable day. I bussed downtown, visited Powell's, ran into my friend Mike Russell in Powell's southeast lobby, then found and bought a relatively rare, and very good and fun, Star Trek novel, John M. Ford's 1987 book How Much for Just the Planet? I'd seen the book on the shelf on a previous visit, and I felt lucky that it was still there, when I could buy it. As I had cash on me, I also went to the Alder St. food cart pod and revisited a cart I liked to go to when I worked near there in 2014-15, Huong's. I got fried rice with chicken and some shrimp, some of which I ate downtown (in Director Park) and the rest which I took home.

While I was on my way home, a few miles away from me, the attack happened. The attack that led to Saturday's memorial. And Portland's mood jolted, as people in town and people around the world tried to process that that could have happened.

Saturday, I dressed nicely, like for a weekday at an office job. That afternoon, I headed to the memorial at Hollywood Transit Center. I was part of the mass of people, there as a sign of support for the victims and survivors. I felt I should be as presentable as possible, even in as informal a city as Portland. After I'd attended, I walked for the rest of the night: down Sandy (running into another friend, Andrew Hill, who was headed to the memorial), over to Beulahland at NE 28th and Couch to eat and regroup, then home. Yes, a walk. It's a long walk, but doable: takes an hour-and-a-quarter at highest walking speed and a little longer if, like me on Saturday night, I was walking slower. I slept OK that night.

Sunday, another nice day like Friday and Saturday had been, I hung out for the midday in the coffee shop near where I live, listening to a podcast (on headphones, I'm not a jerk) and having coffee and a muffin. After a library visit, and that evening once I was home, I watched the first of the two film adaptations of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I'm pacing myself; I haven't watched Part Two yet. I wasn't surprised that I wibbled a bit during Deathly Hallows Part One; those stories can hit me emotionally.

And then there was Monday, which went differently than I'd planned because when I boarded a bus, my TriMet bus driver converted my ticket (usually a 2 1/2-hour ticket) into an all-day ticket. LET'S USE THAT. As first planned, I headed down to the Belmont Goats and hung out, putting goats and reading, for a bit; but then, instead of heading to the store as I'd first figured, I went up to the Max and rode trains up to PDX. As I've said before, I'm someone who sometimes visits airports just to visit them. I spent a few hours there, watching people come and go, editing photos I'd taken of the goats, and looking out at the planes. Shopping happened at the Gateway Fred Meyer, since I had to get off of the Max there to change lanes anyway. Then home, then night. Then, now.

So. Things did happen. Still, feels like more did.