December 19th, 2017


A quick poem about emotions

A Poem That Can't (Yet) Be Finished
by Christopher Walsh, 12/18/2017-12/19/2017

Hello, emotions. You're still there.
There to filter everything,
Perhaps competing with each other to be felt.
It's still true: having emotions is better than the alternative,
As I learned from sociopaths I've known.
I do not want to be a sociopath.
So: I do live with emotions,
Acknowledge them,
See how I use them.
That includes anger.
I'm less used to anger:
Less good at recognizing it
Or reacting to it,
Or using it.
Angry poems? Less likely:
I don't want to stay angry
Long enough to write angry.
Do I have anything to say
About anger?
Would I?
Will I?

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It'd take a certain type

I think about offices. It's something I do. And I keep having this thought:

Even the most prosperous cities have empty storefronts, of varying sizes but looking out on their city's streetscapes and the sidewalks and the people on them. There are a couple of small closed storefronts on Foster Rd. that I keep noticing, that haven't had anyone move into them yet.

And I picture some writer, an author who's been doing well, buying or renting that space, and making it into a work office. Writing with a view of their city, their city mates, traffic, however much of the sky they can see from that angle.

A writer could do this with them the only person in the place; they could do it with an assistant/receptionist, but probably not too many people because overhead. Maybe a display of books and publications by that author could be available for sale! Or maybe there's a sign visible to the public saying that the author suggests going to [BOOKSTORE] to buy their work. Advertise the writer, advertise the work.

Maybe if the author has a Harlan Ellison-ish streak of exhibitionism, that author can do what Harlan's often done: start writing a short story, and post the printed pages on the windows so passerby can see and read them. Harlan — may I call him Harlan? Lots of people do — does this on a typewriter, so it's quicker for him to put pages up, but plenty of laser printers are plenty quick, so that's almost as good, and — voilà! — people passing by have a short story they can read.

You can write anywhere, you know. I really wonder if any writers do that this way. Maybe it'd help an author connect with more of the public.

I think about offices. It's one thing I do.