Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Anxiety(?) dreams

(I considered titling this "Stupid Anxiety Dreams Are Stupid.")

As my dreams often do, I was seeing something big and vast, while doing something mundane. I was working at a job, and while I and others were at work, new owners showed up, replaced the signs for the company with new signs for the new company — while we're all still working, mind you — and then the new owners had us start a training session.

It took Dream-Me a while to realize the new owners had given me only one of the two books I needed for the training. I had a workbook; I didn't have a book that the workbook was referencing. And I realized, I couldn't ask for the second book, and would simply have to muddle through as best I could.

At least the dream images were cool, but they aren't what's sticking with me from the dream.
Tags: dreams

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