January 14th, 2018


Sunday words

Can a poem be pretentious if there are no words in it?

...wow, Chris, pretty conceptual.

Anyway, yes, another poem's in progress. I started it January 1st and got a good amount done tonight. It's...kind of cosmic.

I know I can be pretentious. Occupational writing hazard. Hard to avoid it unless you don't write anything. Now I wonder: how close to perfect have I gotten a poem...

...hmm. A goal.

* * * * *

Other updates! I visited my friend Heather T.(formerly Heather G.) in Beaverton, to finish watching Season 1 of Stranger Things. We'd watched the first four episodes a couple of weeks ago. Then and today, I often watched with a concerned expression: I got wrapped up in it. Very good show, but a lot of you know that. And I had good timing getting home; my bus to my neighborhood pulled up so I could board without waiting. *feels good*