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February 5th, 2018

Fun with old buildings

My neighborhood in SE Portland has plenty of old buildings. Some are being torn down to make way for development; plenty are still standing and not currently being used. Some places would have been torn down if events had gone differently: the lot and building where the Carts on Foster food cart pod is located, the lot at SE 52nd and Foster, would have been an interchange for the Mount Hood Freeway, except that freeway was never built.

For a while, I've been curious about this former Rexall Drug not too far from me, at SE 67th and Foster, shown here via Google Maps Street View:

Even I can tell the building's in bad shape. That "U" sign on the front means "Unsafe," meaning "enter at your own risk," and trust me, I respect that. But I still wonder what's in a building like this.

How to do that safely? I hope people do so with drones. I can picture someone standing in the open doorway of an old building, and sending in a small drone with cameras and lights. Steel could, I understand, cause a problem with reception, but a heavily brick building like this might be more manageable. How wide are any stairwells? Wide enough for a small drone?

I think that'd be neat. Like exploring the Titanic without any water (or the pressure of the seafloor more than two miles below the ocean surface) making it difficult. Don't race in a building like that, though. There are better venues for that.

I'll close with reposting my own photo of this building, because I like both the shot and the building.



Fly, Eagles, Fly!: Super Bowl LII

There was a non-zero chance that Super Bowl LII could have been the first-ever Super Bowl with overtime.

On the New England Patriots' final possession, they were down 41-33 and deep in their own territory, but with a chance against the Philadelphia Eagles. Tom Brady of the Pats got a pass off to the Eagles' end zone, but too late and it was incomplete. Had he both thrown it a few seconds earlier and had the throw connected, the Pats could have gotten a touchdown at :02 or :03 before the end and, with a 41-39 score, then gone for a 2-point conversion — a harder way to score than it looks, but possible — and voilà! OT.

But not this time. And I was rooting for the Eagles, so: yes! This was satisfying. And surprisingly close, with some misses (shanked field goals, the Eagles not getting their own 2-point conversion). Maybe in this Parity Era of the NFL, where (for instance) the Jacksonville Jaguars have a fighting chance, we're less likely to have Super Bowl blowouts the way they seemed to happen more in the Seventies and Eighties. That said, I had a lot of nervous energy which I dissipated somewhat by taking a walk for a little less than an hour last night.

Now I'm looking forward to what George R.R. Martin blogs about this Super Bowl. He's a New York Giants-New York Jets fan, so he had less of a dog in this particular fight, but as he once named a character after Pats Coach Bill Belichick, GRRM probably feels good about this!