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February 22nd, 2018


I'm proud that, in this journal and in life, I've worked to be as honest as I can.

I'll stay honest, in a vague way, which I hope is honest enough here:

I almost acted petty about something. In an email, I asked someone I know (not a reader of this blog) for a favor. The person, someone I like and respect, turned me down. They had a reason to do so, and they explained. Their reason, without getting into detail, was kind of a hit to my ego. But Oh, I thought. They've got a point.

And yet...I wanted to act petty. To be petty. To reply that way. Maybe try to make them feel bad for their decision. I've seen people do that. I understand the temptation. I've let myself do this before.

I can be petty. I also can keep from acting petty, and that is more important.

I'll figure out how I'll respond. It will most likely be straight to the point, simple. OK, I hope I can say. I understand.

Like Da Mayor said in Do the Right Thing, "Always do the right thing."