March 3rd, 2018

Flavored Calories.

Out-Of-Context Theater.

"Say it was 1971 and Hunter S. Thompson turned that burger down. (I think room service, I think Hunter S. Thompson.)"

All the context you're going to get:

The decision to flee came suddenly. Or maybe not. Maybe I had planned it all along, subconsciously waiting for the right moment. The bill was a factor, I think because I had no money to pay for it. Our room service tabs had been running somewhere between 29 and 36 dollars per hour for 48 consecutive hours. Incredible.
Star Wars - Fly away...


I miss the Moon when I don't see it.

I was honestly surprised when I saw the quarter-moon about a week ago: looking up while outside and seeing it through a cloud break and Oh! Oh, yeah, it's there. But it wasn't just clouds (though of course it being the Pacific Northwest, there are plenty of them) blocking my view; it's like I was forgetting to look for it. Plenty of times I do look for the Moon. For a time, though, I wasn't.

The Moon didn't miss me.

Happily, I was up and awake early enough this morning to see the near-full moon in the Western sky, before it set to shine some light on many other parts of the world. Hi, Moon. I'll see you again when I can.